Top 5 Benefits of Environmental Management

Managing your environmental risks and putting the necessary measures in place to reduce those risks and improve performance is a goal for many businesses.  Depending on your current situation, and how much of a priority environmental management has been in the past, there will be different drivers, but there are some common benefits – this blog will discuss the top five.

  1. Legal compliance

There are many environmental acts and regulations that all businesses must be aware of and be able to demonstrate compliance.  Really focussing on environmental management will force you to assess your current arrangements against legal requirements.  The first step will be to identify all applicable legislation and determine what the requirements specifically are.  You should then assess whether you are compliant with those requirements and, if you aren’t, develop a strategy for becoming compliant.  This exercise will give you peace of mind and you will be able to demonstrate legal compliance if you are ever required to e.g. by regulatory bodies or customers.

  1. Competitive edge

If you are involved in tendering processes, there are often environmental management questions that you will be required to answer.  If you have a focus on environmental management, these questions will be easier to answer, and you can demonstrate you are an environmentally responsible company.  Many customers (through tendering or otherwise), take environmental management into consideration when selecting a supplier.  If you can demonstrate good environmental management and improving performance, you could have an edge over your competitors.

  1. Cost savings

Improving environmental performance can often have a lead to cost savings, and sometimes this is the main driver, or can support a business plan to promote environmental improvements.  Areas of focus often include utility use (gas, electricity and water), waste and transport.  There are obviously a lot of areas where improvements will see cost savings and improved environmental performance could also reduce the likelihood of fines and prosecutions.

  1. Protect the environment

Legally, all businesses have to take measures to prevent pollution from their activities, but morally, it is also great to take actions to protect or even improve the environment.  Environmental issues are in the public eye and if anything goes wrong, environmental pollution can garner press attention.  On the opposite side, improvements to the environment (e.g. tree planting, cleaning up contaminated land or encouraging biodiversity) can be used as positive PR and improve reputation.

  1. Staff morale

An environmentally responsible company is often seen as a good company to work for.  These actions will give staff confidence that the company is doing the right thing and can improve staff retention.  Additionally, it could attract talent to your company and support recruitment.

Taking a focus on environmental management has many benefits.  Depending on where you are in your environmental journey, you can look at achieving and supporting legal compliance and improving your current performance.  This could reduce the chances of fines or prosecution, lead to cost savings, improved reputation and attract more customers.